Digital publishing services for the music industry since 1999. We work with audio professionals, musicians and audio equipment manufacturers to provide an eclectic range of products and services tailored to the music production sector including e-learning courses, sound library development, audio restroiation services, electronic book creation, video production, web development and digital delivery solutions.


Digital products require no physical stock, incur no shipping costs and can be delivered instantly and automatically to your customers after purchase.
We can work with you to turn your talents into a viable digital product, be it a teaching tool, a book or an audio based product such as a sound library.
If you are an expert in your field, you can easily monetise your skills and knowledge through the creation of e-learning products.
We can help you create e-learning courses in video or written formats which can be distrubuted through your own site or via third party e-learning portals.
E-books are fast becoming the most popular & convienient reading format, offering customers many technological advantages over traditional paper books.
We have vast experience publishing e-books which can be distributed through all popular e-book platforms including Kindle, iBooks, or via your own web site.
Sound libraries are popular amoungst music producers, allowing them easy access to instruments and sound fx to use in their own productions.
We have been working with sound designers for over 15 years creating a broad range of sound libraries for many different platforms and formats.
If you wish to sell digital products through your own site you'll need a robust way of delivering these items to your customers across the world.
We have developed advanced e-commerce solutions to provide secure & automated delivery of digital goods which can be intergrated into any web site.

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.



Our clients include leading manufacturers of professional audio hardware & software as well as experts in the field of sound design and music production.

Akai Professional

We are currently working with Akai to produce sound libraries for their latest range of audio production samplers.

DJ Freddy Fresh

We've helped Freddy produce and publish his first 'signature sound library as well as publishing on his latest book project.


Over the years we have worked with Samplecraze to create a range of sound libriaries and e-learning courses, as well as providing web development, marketing and e-commerce solutions.

Pad Pimps

(Coming Soon) - We've create a new digital delivery ecommerce site for up and coming sound designers Pad Pimps as well as assisting with the production of their first range of sound libraries.


We collaborated with Tombongo (drummer Richard Preston) to produce and publish a series of multisampled drum kit libraries tailored for a number of different drum samplers.


Publishing and digital distribution services which included the conversion of existing MSXII products to target alternate markets.

Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music


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